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1. Organizing group marriages for those interested and providing support in coordination with the competent authorities. 2. Providing financial and moral assistance to some needy families, in coordination with the competent authorities. 3. Helping needy students (males and females) financially and morally. 4. Assisting in spreading social and cultural awareness among the villagers. 5. Preparing a scouting team to serve the people of the region in coordination with the competent government agencies. 6. Organizing seminars, lectures and workshops in coordination with the competent authorities. 7. Organizing discussion seminars and targeted cultural competitions. 8. Organizing recreational trips and field visits. 9. Preparing and organizing programs related to the association's objectives.


Comprehensive awareness.. of a symbiotic society the message We work sincerely to deepen the bonds of solidarity between members of the local community and to consolidate the cultural aspect by developing the capabilities and skills of individuals through a true community partnership. Assembly values Respect - Cooperation - Honesty - Transparency Justifications The Hamala Charitable Association is based on basic pillars through which it aims to put its clear fingerprints in society within a clearly defined strategic plan classified in (charitable - cultural - social); It was necessary for it to set its plans and objectives within the specified path in its current and future work program, in the hope that growth and rising societal mobility would be achieved in society.